Aigüamolls de l’Empordà

The Empordà marshlands comprise the area between the mouths of the river “Muga” and “Fluvià” in the Alt Empordà region. Since 1987 these lands are protected as the “Aiguamolls de l’Empordà” nature park. The land consists of brackish and sweet water lagoons, inundable fields and agriculture. This is the second most important wetland area in Catalunya were 327 species of bird have been observed. The park is a favourite among bird watchers from all over the continent.

Cap de Creus Nature Park

The Cap de Creus Peninsula is a unique area between land and sea, beaten by the “Tramuntana” winds that have left their trace in the form of unique rock erosion and vegetation, that offers a unique landscape of breathtaking beauty. Its rugged coastline with high cliffs and beautiful crystalline coves offer great possibilities for excursionists.

Parc natural Montgrí i Illes Medes

This park consists of three very distinct areas: the “Medes” Islands, The “Montgrí” Mountain and the wetlands of the river “Ter”. The Medes archipielago is one of Catalunya’s most important marine reserves, protected since 1983. It is the marine extension of the Montgrí Mountain. The Saint Catherine hermitage is located at the heart of the Montgrí. The top of the mountain is crowned by the mighty, though unfinished 14th century “Castell de Montgrí”.

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